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Hi beautiful.
I'm Nik.

Grab a green juice and pull up a chair. Let’s get to know each other better, shall we?

Hi, I’m Nik 


I’m here to tell you that it is your birthright to feel energized, confident and sexy in your body and your clothes!

The biggest reason I see most women constantly yo-yo-ing or never achieving their ideal weight is that they’ve been conditioned to think that weight loss is about calories in versus calories out. ⁣

They think if they haven’t lost the weight it’s because they must not be exercising enough or they haven’t found the ‘perfect’ diet yet.  ⁣

While the truth is that being at your ideal is NOT about having the perfect diet or workout plan. It actually has to do with your MIND. ⁣

Before you can lose weight …. You MUST align your mind with your goals.




There’s two parts to your mind: the conscious and the subconscious. ⁣

Science shows us over 90% of our thoughts and behaviors are driven by our subconscious mind. ⁣

Consciously you might be thinking ‘I want to lose weight and be healthy’, but if your subconscious mind is in the driver seat and it’s battling you against that you’ll have to rely on willpower and it makes it 10x harder to reach your goals.

There are countless doctors, ‘health gurus’ and ‘fitness experts’ tell you that to lose weight you just need to eat less and move more. 


Most diets and weight loss programs FAIL because they only focus on FOOD…


But they miss the most critical aspect: Mindset.

If there’s no change in Mindset, the results are only temporary. While with the change in Mindset, they last a lifetime.



If you could, you would’ve done it already. ⁣

What NOBODY tells you is that the secret to lasting weight loss results is actually about aligning your Hormones, your Mindset and your Energy with your goals. ⁣

Once you address the root problem, subconscious limiting beliefs you picked up throughout your life and hormonal imbalances that affect women over 40, your body will change in a way that feels effortless because your Body, your Mind and your Being are finally aligned. ⁣

I see so many high achieving, motivated, go-getter women with a successful career, who project themselves as powerful and confident on the outside 

but when it comes to losing weight they struggle because: 




1.  They putting everyone else first and feel selfish for prioritizing themselves   ⁣

2.  They think dieting is going to fix their weight problem, rather than understanding that it is their (subconscious) mind that’s blocking their results. ⁣

3.  They are not addressing the hormonal changes that happen over 40, and they’re still following cookie-cutter diets made for 20 and 30-year-olds.  ⁣

The right approach is to address the root cause of the issue and restore the healthy state of the Body + Mind so that weight loss can be effortless. ⁣

The body and the mind are connected. You must get your mind fully on board with your goals, and at the same time address the hormones that are sabotaging your metabolism and preventing you from being at your ideal weight.





My mission is to empower women around the world to approach weight loss from a more laid back, kind and loving space, and grow spiritually to achieve lasting physical changes as a result of more awareness, self-care and nourishment – the “feminine” way, rather than the “masculine” way using restriction and forceful diets.


We have the power to liberate ourselves from fear-based actions like dieting, and torturing our bodies into submission, and we have the right to feel happy, worthy and radiantly confident in our skin every single day!



What’s my Lean Body story?

2011- From Bloated, Chubby and Miserable to Vibrant, Energized and Lean.

Towards the end of my 6-year hospitality career in Las Vegas’s finest Casinos and Nightclub as a VIP hostess, I had a complete breakdown. Working late nights, long hours, guzzling champagne for a living, and not treating my body well lead to major digestive problems, depression and low self-esteem. I put on weight, I couldn’t fit into my clothes and I suffered from an eating disorder, bulimia. I’d go from starving to full-on binging and then restricting my food intake, with nothing in between. 

Then I’d feel guilty, beat myself up for having no willpower and promise myself I’d start over on Monday. I tried every diet known to man, with no results.

This went on for YEARS…

I knew this had to end.

I had to find answers to heal and transform myself

  Finally, I hit a turning point when I could no longer button up my skinny jeans and looking in the mirror I didn’t recognize the body that stared back at me! 

I was FED UP. I quit the nightlife, moved to Australia and hired a nutritionist to help me get my health and diet in order, I started eating the foods that were right for my body and in just 10 weeks my body completely transformed. I lost a bunch of weight, I started to feel energized and AMAZING.


This journey made me realize that ‘Food Is Medicine’ and I heard a divine calling to help women who were going through the same struggles.

I enrolled in studying Nutritional Medicine and Personal Training.

And the REAL journey began… I was in for a hell of a ride.

2013- No Pain, No Gain.

In 2013, I just finishing up my nutrition degree and I started working as a personal trainer. My mindset was ‘No Pain, No Gain’.⁣⁣

The masculine way.
I pushed my clients hard, sometimes till they threw up…  and a lot of them were still not losing weight at the rate they wanted and they wondered why. The reason being was that they came to the gym only to tick a box, so they could go home and eat CRAP for the remaining 23 hours of the day. They didn’t want to change their diet. ⁣⁣
Working with people who didn’t want to change their eating habits wasn’t fulfilling for me because I wanted to help people who really wanted to make lasting changes. ⁣⁣
So I quit being a personal trainer! ⁣⁣
I figured that I could either be a personal trainer and help people three hours a week, or I could help them change their diet and eating habits every day of the week, every hour, every minute, every second of the day, for the rest of their lives. ⁣⁣
Enter the next stage: Fitness Competition!

2014- INBA Fitness Competition

I decided to learn how to help people get Lean through nutrition. So I went all in and sign up for a bikini fitness competition by the International Natural Bodybuilding Association.⁣

I invested in a high-level coach to train me and hold me accountable. I trained twice a day for 10 weeks, ate six boring bland meals a day while finishing my full-time studies and working a part-time job.⁣

It was living hell! I pushed myself to the edge, but I reached my goal and I stepped on stage with 14% body fat.⁣

It was the skinniest I’d ever been.⁣

A light bulb went off when ‘I stepped on stage with the PERFECT BODY and I realized I was still miserable and unhappy.’ ⁣

I earned a medal but I also ended up an unexpected backlash of competing: Adrenal Fatigue and Body Dysmorphia. And it took me a year to recover from getting no periods.⁣

It was a valuable experience regardless.⁣

I became the master at speeding up metabolism, optimizing body composition through nutrition and creating LEAN bodies.⁣⁣⁣

So the Lean Body Coach was born!

2014 - The Lean Body Coach was born! 

Combining holistic nutrition, fitness and the principles I learned competing I created my own signature weight loss system. I published my first book, the Lean Body Formula, and I launched my first online program the 10-Week Lean Body Accelerator – which has been my best-selling program till this day!⁣

The foundation of the program was based on blood work analysis and tailoring a custom plan for each client’s individual needs and biochemistry. ⁣

It was super cool and groundbreaking in the industry. ⁣

My tailored protocols weren’t only helping people lose weight but also helped them recover from chronic illness like digestive issues, IBS, PCOS, candida, SIBO, Metabolic Syndrome just to name a few.

The results I was getting for people were mind-blowing and the news spread like wildfire! ⁣

Within a short time, I had a 6-month waiting list to work with me.

2015- Global Nutrition Coaching.

My dedication and the results I was producing for my clients got serious attention. In 2015, I got headhunted by the global international fitness franchise F-45 Training, and I joined their team as the Director of Nutrition.

A few months later the first F45 10-Week challenge was born and I started running fat loss and nutrition workshops for thousands of participants at a time all over the world. I got to share my passion and knowledge about Holistic Nutrition, digestion and hormones.

2016- Lean Body Coach in the Media

The results that my weight loss programs were producing were wild and caught the media’s attention.⁣

I was invited to be a weekly guest nutrition expert on a morning show on Australian radio. I was regularly published in places like the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Sydney Morning Herald, Popsugar, Women’s Health and Fitness magazine. And I even appeared on Television spreading my message about How to reduce stress to losing weight. ⁣

At this point I was specializing in only with working with women, and helping them move away from the old masculine weight loss paradigm.

2017- Spiritual Expansion

I wanted to deepen my relationship with myself and my body, so I undertook to a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, which taught me the yogic approach to living with more compassion and awareness. During my training, my goal wasn’t to learn how to do handstands for Instagram but to go deep into shadow work and clear up my limiting beliefs.

After feeling the positive effects of overcoming a lot of my negative conditioning, I was inspired to incorporate this kind of shadow work into my programs.

So I started running Lean Body Retreats in Bali and Thailand.

2018- Sisterhood and healing.

These transformational women’s retreats brought me into my purpose and full alignment. The miracles I witnessed when I started bringing women together from all over the world to connect, heal and transform in space of a short week was nothing short of miraculous. We created complete inside-out transformations. The women de-stressed, learned how to break free from the limiting beliefs that were holding them back, and worked through their blocks. They left the retreat, with an integrated new holistic mindset and the tools to create sustainable results. 

Until this day, these retreats are some of my best memories of my entire career as a coach and facilitator!

2018- NLP Mindset Coaching

Throughout my years of coaching, I came to understand the power of the mind more and more. I knew that in order to achieve lasting changes in weight loss (or any area for that matter) we need our mind to be on board. To take coaching to the next-level I became a certified NLP mindset coach. NLP stands for ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ where we learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind and undo the negative, limiting programming we pick up during childhood and throughout our lives.⁣

I took the NLP tools and created my own formula and when I applied it on my clients I was able to help them overcome chronic self-sabotage and weight issues once and for all. This formula has been a key in helping my clients to have massive breakthroughs from bingeing, emotional eating, and removing mindset blocks so they can make empowered choices.

2019- Healing the Feminine

In 2019 I took a huge leap. Ended a relationship that wasn’t fully aligned, I sold everything I owned and moved to Bali to begin a deep quest for rediscovering my truth and purpose in life.⁣

I went through a deep spiritual transformation, during which I explored various (and weird) healing modalities, such as plant medicines and practices like tantra, yoga, somatic therapy, ecstatic dance, breathwork, shaking just to name a few.


Amongst the many lessons, the most important one I learnt was balancing my masculine and feminine energies.


Feminine energy is all about self-love, flow, nurturing and creativity. While masculine energy is about willpower, control and structure and rigidity.⁣

Just like so many professional women these days, I was operating from a masculine place, using strategy, structure, logic, order and emotional detachment to get things done. This way used to get me results. But it came at a cost.

I become rigid, stressed, anxious, unhappy, never felt good enough and being unable to cope with all the stress and emotions I used unhealthy coping mechanisms like the addiction to caffeine, sugar, food and alcohol to numb the pain. These led to hormonal imbalances and weight gain.

2020 - The Final Integration

Today my purpose in life isn’t to get people shredded and achieve six-pack abs.⁣

I’m more passionate than ever to help women finally end the war with their bodies, and transform their health through shifting their energy and align their mindset with their goals.⁣

I get most excited when I see women grow spiritually through my programs and learn how to approach weight loss from a more laid back, allowing and loving place using their feminine energy, rather than forceful masculine approaches like dieting, caloric restriction and deprivation.⁣

I realized that feminine energy yields sustainable life-long results than forcing, pushing harder and eventually burning out.⁣

If you feel like you’re at war with your body and you want to find peace and be at your ideal weight without dieting, I invite you to listen to the calling, take action and try a new way!


Because unless you change your approach, nothing will change. 


 If you’re ready for a permanent change, click here to apply to work with me privately!


Want the no-holds barred version of my story?

Read my story Read my story

Professional bio

Nik Toth is the Mind-Body Weight Loss Coach for women; a Nutrition Therapist, NLP Mindset Coach, Fitness Expert, Yoga Teacher, and Truth-Seeker. Where diets have failed you, she takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of it for you. She specializes in helping high performing women over 40 lose stubborn weight, reclaim their energy and confidence through her unique and proven, holistic weight loss system.


Breaking all the “rules” of the weight loss industry – Nik uncovers the REAL reason why traditional “diets” don’t work for many women and help them address the root cause of the weight so they can feel energized, radiant and sexy in their skin. 


Better known as The Lean Body Coach, Nik has developed her own Lean Body System that helps women end the war with their bodies and get in the best shape of their lives by aligning their Hormones, Nutrition, and Mindset so they can show up at the top of their game every single day.


After struggling with her own health, eating disorder and relationship to food, Nik now empowers women to reconnect with their bodies, fuel their soul and make the right choices for their unique bodies. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, PopSugar, Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and more.

My Story

I’m so glad you want to hear my story, Beautiful!  My goal is to show you that I’m not some special chick born with superhuman genes and self-love know-how. I learned it the hard way, so you don’t have to. Before I became the Lean Body Coach, I was Nik, emotional eater diet, sugar addict, and serial diet junkie.

I felt like my life was ruled by an obsession with food and becoming skinny. Despite wanting it more than anything else, I couldn’t get control over my weight. 

Science shows that how we relate to anything in life including food and our bodies have to do with our conditioning before the age of seven.  I grew up on sweets, chocolate and the high-carb Hungarian diet. My dear Grandma (God bless her heart) even poured icing sugar on my strawberries! In our culture, food wasn’t simply for nourishment. It was also a reward when I was good, and comfort in moments of pain. It didn’t take long for these habits to get ingrained in my psyche, and I’ve carried this pattern of stress eating and celebrating with food for most of my life.

Later, like most teenagers, I wanted to fit in and be liked.  And because our society idolizes a lean figure I wanted to be skinny just like the girls in the magazines. I’d stare at their flat stomachs and their thin legs on the page, and then look down at my own curvy body and felt depressed and never good enough. I wasn’t even 16 when I tried my first diet…but that just made things worse! The drastic cycles of starving myself and then bingeing on food made my body freak out. 

Before I knew it, my metabolism slowed down, my hormones went haywire (Hello PMS!!), and my digestion took a nosedive; I was constantly bloated.  Turns out, as a result of dieting and bingeing I developed Leaky Gut Syndrome and, with it, intolerances to 100 different foods. I thought my relationship with food was complicated before!! 

When I looked in the mirror, all I could see was my bloated, bulging belly poking out over the top of my jeans. I became fearful of food and I struggled to know what to eat. This period was very damaging to my self-esteem and my body image.

During my twenties, I lived in Las Vegas, working at the most prestigious casinos with VIPs and celebrities. The people, the workforce and the lifestyle were built on very superficial and masculine values, where beauty and looks meant everything. I had to look the part. That is, I had to look my employers’ definition of best! At work, they weighed me to make sure the number on the scale matched up with their standards. If my weight went up by a few pounds, I wasn’t allowed to work until I lost it. Can you imagine??

Food became Enemy Number One. I felt like I lived in a glass cage, playing by the rules of powerful men, with complete disregard for feminine values like expressing emotions, love, practising self-care and nourishment. And forceful approaches like dieting and trying to force my body into submission to look the part. This went on for years until I reached a tipping point and I could no longer tolerate it and I made the decision to change my lifestyle, change jobs and get my health sorted. 

I had no idea where to go get help or what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew that I suffered enough, and I needed to make a change. Starting with my health. 

But I didn’t know who to turn to for help. Doctors just prescribed a new drug every time…and told me to eat less and move more. 

Gee thanks!!

So I turned to personal trainers for help but they just told me to do more cardio and eat broccoli, brown rice and chicken breast. Did I really need to spend the rest of my life like that if I wanted to be thin?? No thank you. 

I finally sought help from a nutritionist which changed my life. With her by my side, I changed my diet, I started eating the right foods for my body, swapped Starbucks to green smoothies, and I replaced champagne with kombucha. It wasn’t long until I noticed a difference. First, I began thinking more clearly than I had in years. Then I noticed all of this extra energy surging through my veins. It gave me the motivation and fuel to work out. The weight started to fall off too.

But my physical appearance wasn’t the only thing making a comeback. My depression and hormonal mood swings began to fade away. I finally felt emotionally balanced. Suddenly getting through the day didn’t feel like such an uphill battle. The more toxins my body released, the more I felt like the real Nik. 

I realised that healthy foods can be delicious! This was so different from painfully restrictive diets. Suddenly I was able to eat more and actually enjoy it. It became a new way of being that felt sustainable. After experiencing the healing powers of food, I decided to study nutrition therapy, so I could help others who were lost without answers like I was before. 

I felt called to help people become fitter, stronger so I also started studying personal training. All this new knowledge helped me develop a better relationship with food and feel empowered in my decisions around my body, not nervous like I used to be. It became a lot easier to make the right choices because I understood what different foods and exercises were doing to and for my body. It was becoming natural to choose healthy options. 

Then, I decided to do something a little bit crazy. I hired a coach and entered myself into the INBA Bikini Fitness Competition. Me, the girl from Hungary who’d grown up embarrassed by the way I looked was now choosing to stand on stage and let other people judge my body.


Preparing for the competition was hell. 

The two hours of training on top of studying and working part-time while eating six meals consisting of the broccoli and chicken diet required all the willpower I could ever gather.

With blood, sweat and tears I completed the competition. I literally forced my body into submission and 14% body fat.    

And I learned ninja skills to optimize nutrition and workouts to get results fast – which became the basis of the Lean Body System. 

But when I stepped up on stage with the ‘perfect’ body, I was struck by a shocking epiphany: 

In spite of my achievements and success, I still didn’t feel good enough or happy. 

I realized that I signed up to compete because I was craving and I was looking for external validation from others.

If I got their tick of approval THEN ‘I felt worthy’. 

It’s because I wasn’t feeling enough and worthy within myself!

Everything I’d believed my entire life was W-R-O-N-G. 

Success isn’t measured by how good we look on the outside, but rather how we feel about ourselves on the inside.


See most women think that they’ll be happy WHEN they lose weight, or WHE they achieve their fitness goals. 

The Truth is unless you’re happy and feel worthy WHILE you are getting there, you’ll never get there!

Today my approach and my coaching programs emphasize this exact concept. 

I’m your spiritual gateway to weight loss. The work I do with women is waaay deeper than dieting and telling them how many grams of broccoli to eat. 

Instead of the forceful masculine approach like dieting and restriction, I help them do the inner work and grow spiritually so they can master self-love, self-care, and worthiness and the confidence to not seek external validation but rather shine the light on what are the distractions in their lives that are causing them to make poor food choices and self-sabotage.

I help them connect with themselves and tune into what they are really hungry for. 

I teach them how to clear up self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and align their mind with their goals and actions using nurturing feminine energy so they can feel empowered. 

I teach them how to approach things from a more laid back perspective and feel happy and worthy every single day (by balancing hormones) tapping into their feminine energy rather than using masculine approaches like forceful diets and restriction. 

The biggest shift you can make with your health is realizing that all the suffering you experience with food, your health and your weight is here to give you an opportunity to look deeper, grow further and evolve as a human being. 

The truth is, it’s never about the food, Beautiful. 

Yes, sugar addiction is real. But food is just a tool that you use to deal with stress, lack of self-love, and feeling disconnected from yourself or those around you. It’s a temporary fix for a much bigger problem…and it will never be the real solution. 

Diets don’t work because they fail to address a critical aspect of what drives us to seek out solace in our food — our mind. 


You can’t diet your way to success. 

The more gentle, feminine approach yields more sustainable lasting results than restricting, forcing and burning out. 

Today I am the woman I wish that little girl in Hungary could have known. My relationship with food is healthy, and I exercise because I love the way it makes me feel. I honour my body and listen to what it needs, even if that means doing yoga or a walk over high-intensity training. 

I enjoy showing women through my recipes, programs, and retreats that achieving their ideal weight not about finding the perfect diet or exercising more, but rather is about the shift in mindset. 

And when you learn how to make that shift, achieving your goals becomes easier than they think.

The question is,  Are you ready?


Nik Toth